League information

This is a Football League which is run during the late spring and early/mid  summer in the North-East of Wales. It has been in existence since 1927 and currently it is based on twelve clubs made up of a number of villages and hamlets from the Vale of Clwyd and neighbouring Flintshire hills.

One of the main rules of the League which makes it different from other similar football institutions is that players have to reside within a prescribed boundary for that club. The other main difference is that the League is based on village football and the catchment area of the League skirts around the towns of Ruthin and Denbigh.

Originally the village's catchment area was based on its Parish but demographic changes have made it necessary to merge village areas to enable clubs to survive and still abide by the residential rule. The League runs from mid April to the end of July and the matches are played on Monday and Thursday evenings.

The 2007 season was a unique season for the League with first time winners Clawddnewydd and Ysceifiog winning the Championship and the Knock-out competition respectively.

The 2008 season was a triumph for Ysceifiog who won the League championship for the first time as well as retaining the Knockout shield for a deserved double.

The 2014 was a triumph for the Cefn Club winning a treble which included the League championship, Knockout shield and the Junior 7-a-side competition.

How the League is run

The League constitution and rules are updated at the AGM. held in September, every year. The Officials and Executive Committee are elected at this meeting and they administer the league on behalf of the clubs during the next twelve months.