Our Constitution

(This version supersedes all previous versions, and includes changes made at the AGM held on the 16th November 2022).

  1. The League shall be called the Llandyrnog and District Village Clubs Summer Football League.
  2. The Aims and Objectives of the League shall be to provide a summer Football league for “bona fide” residents of the areas covered by the League.
  3. The League shall comprise of not more than FOURTEEN teams, and all the players shall be “bona fide” residents of their respective parishes or areas, i.e. they shall be living there on or before the 1st March in any given season, and resident there throughout the season.
  4. The retiring Executive Committee will convene an Annual General Meeting during the close season of each year. Notice of the A.G.M. will be published in local Newspapers and social media. The purpose of the A.G.M. is, amongst other things, to appoint a President and to receive reports from the principal Executive Committee members. It will consider any proposed change to the Constitution and Rules and consider Applications for League membership. At this meeting the Executive Committee shall be elected, comprising the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Referee’s Secretary, Treasurer, Press Officer and four other members who shall, as far as possible, be independent of any Club in the League. Honoraria may be set or reviewed at each Annual General Meeting and the Treasurer must produce a balance sheet or statement of accounts prior to the Annual General Meeting and present it to the Meeting for approval.
  5. An Extraordinary Meeting may be convened at any time provided one month’s notice is given. An E.G.M. may be convened by the Executive Committee, or by the wishes of two thirds of the member Clubs.
  6. Between A.G.M.s the League shall be administered by the duly elected Executive Committee, exercising such powers implicitly devolved to it at the A.G.M. It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to ensure that all Clubs adhere to the Constitution and Rules of the League and follow its duly adopted procedures. No Club, Club Official or individual shall take any legal action against the Executive Committee or any of its duly elected Members for decisions taken in good faith in the execution of these powers. A minimum of six (6) Clubs and three (3) Executive Committee members shall constitute a quorum at any A.G.M., E.G.M. or Registration Meeting. Voting at an Annual General, Extraordinary or Management Meeting shall be limited to two (2) votes per member Club and one (1) vote per Executive Committee member. The pre-season Registration Meetings shall comprise of the Executive Committee and representatives of the member Clubs.
  7. Each Club shall pay an Annual Membership Fee, the amount of which shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting and shall be payable before 1st April each year.
  8. The Referee’s Secretary shall make every effort to appoint a neutral referee to all matches. The Referee will be paid a fee, the value of which shall be reviewed at each A.G.M.
  9. The Executive are empowered to fine Clubs found guilty of breaching League Rules, order matches to be replayed or take such action as they deem necessary for the equitable running of the League. A Club which persistently infringes the Rules of the League shall render itself liable to expulsion from the League.
  10. The proceeds of all League matches and Shield matches, up to and including the First Round, shall be retained by the home Club. In the case of the Shield Semi-finals and the Final, the host team shall be paid a fee, to be determined at the A.G,M, and the League shall organise a raffle. The Executive Committee will be responsible for payment of the match officials at the Shield Semi-finals and Final.
  11. A Fair Play Trophy shall be awarded each year to the Club which, in the view of the Executive Committee, has contributed most, to the League in a number of ways. These may include a good disciplinary record, good spirit and playing attitude, cooperation with the League etc.
  12. A “Man of the Match” Trophy shall be awarded at the Shield Final. He will be selected by an independent panel of judges, appointed by the Executive Committee.
  13. The five (5) trophies, competed for annually (the League trophy, the Shield, and 7-a-side tournament trophies – Ladies, Under 16’s and under 11’s), plus the Fair Play trophy, shall be returned to the custody of the League at the Registration Meeting each year.
  14. The Constitution of the League may only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting when two-thirds of all Clubs in membership of the League are in favour of any such amendment. The League Rules may be amended at an A.G.M. when a majority of the Clubs in membership are in favour of the amendment.
  15. Disbandment of the League. Notices to disband the League shall be published in at least TWO local Newspapers and social media and all member Clubs advised. All remaining monies shall be shared equally between such Clubs as are still members of the League at the time of its disbandment.